.500 to complete the sponsorship program. Once a nominated family is determined to meet program requirements REEF will assist sponsors to ensure they reach their goals with letter writing ideas and some materials, create social networking pages or help with management of follow up and Thank you notes. Also, sponsors get further assistance when REEF lists names of sponsored families on its website to encourage public donations. Click here to nominate a Family.

Option #2 - Corporate Sponsor
Corporations can participate by donating $5,000 to the program. They can choose whether to select a qualified family or direct their donation to the general First Family fund where REEF will select a family from an approved list and notify them of their recipient. Corporations can also set up matching fund programs for other sponsors to raise. Minimum contribution is
,500. When funds are raised REEF will identify participants on its corporate sponsor pages as responsible community citizens and post a press release indicating their social partnership with REEF to alleviate poverty in developing countries. If interested in REEF's Corporate Sponsor Program, please continue to the Corporate Sponsors page.

Option #3 - General Donation
It's easy to make a donation to the REEF program and our endorsed families.
A simple click on the Donate Here link to the left will get you started!

|wproSelectionStart||wproSelectionEnd| Sponsor a Family

There are three forms of sponsorships:

Option #1 - Private Sponsor
For $300 you or your family or friends can nominate a family. Sponsors will then be responsible in part to raise the