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LEADS Background
The greatest aim of education is not knowledge, but action. 
     -Herbert Spencer


LEADS is an educational and certification program promoting career development in the renewable energy fields of photovoltaic solar (PV), wind generators and small submersible pumps. The LEADS program has a three point focus: build structures for sustainable energy; create maintenance programs to ensure reliable operation; develop trouble shooting -skills necessary for the optimum performance of the three forms of renewable energy technologies (RET).

Who is LEADS' intended audience?


The two year RE program is directed toward electrical engineering departments. Aside from classroom lectures seniors will build hybrid solar systems on campus which can double as laboratories to hone troubleshooting skills and fine-tune design improvement to boost performance efficiency. Successful graduates receive an international accredited RE technician certificate indicating actual experience along with their respective degree. Subsequent seniors will fan outlying communities in search of candidates to nominate for their senior project.

Local electric cooperatives (small utilities)

As REEF builds solar systems in the area their projects and the methodology used to connect upstream and downstream to the grid will become the de facto electrical code. It is therefore imperative to extend training opportunities to local electrical co-ops with as much cross training of as many public entities as possible.