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Green Hospital Background
 A green network, community-centric


The GREEN Hospital program was created to augment a hospital's expansion of  healthcare and medical care services. Since RE projects are designed to reduce a hospital’s electric load by 80% or more and because solar modules last 40 years, under these conditions benefits are considerable; the savings can finance expansion of delivery healthcare services and improve medical care with long term benefits to the community, patient care, administration and, of course, to the environment.


Patient benefits include:
• Reduced patient care vulnerability through increased electrical system reliability
• Expanded free prescription program beyond indigenous population
• Fewer patient sick days (increased income) due to better diagnostics and improved delivery of medical services.

With savings from lower energy costs that span 40 years, hospitals have option to procure:
• Diagnostic equipment
• Ambulance services
• Water purification treatment equipment
• Emergency operating equipment
• Offer nutritional services to reduce associate issues related to heart disease (poor diet practices have created a society with hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol), neonatal classes, etc.

Benefits to Community:

• Improved air quality, removes petro carbon pollutants from soil and water.
• Reduce global warming gases equivalent to driving 144,128 kilometers.
• Improve local economy with cash infusion of returning Filipino retirees, expats, and tourists by changing the perception of healthcare.

Environmental Benefits

Renewable energy’s contribution to the environment is profound. THE GREEN Hospital Program has the potential to offset coal produced electricity, AND reduce green house gases created by power plants. Gases like sulfuric nitrous acid, when combined with water, produce acid rain, and can seriously hinder rice and other crop production as well as defoliate rain forest cover. Frequently when RE projects are up for consideration another barometer considered is an equivalent of acres of trees planted. The acreage of trees planted is based on the size of the solar PV system. These are GREEN hospital project environmental benefits.

Over the life of Candelaria District Hospital, the solar project would be:
• Planting the equivalent of 6 acres of trees.
• Equivalent removal of 24,815 kilos of Co2
• Equivalent removal 27 kilos of Sulfur Dioxide, and
• Equivalent removal 37 kilos of Nitrous Oxide
• Producing green electricity to the equivalent to 3,900 homes.

See FAQ for more information.