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Family First Background
      Empowering the poor, one family at a time.


Currently, REEF is operating in the Zambales and Bulacan provinces in thePhilippines, situated just north of Manila. Though within reach of the capital, provincial towns and rural areas are home to numerous families living either off the grid or unable to afford electricity. Such families and individuals rely on solid fuels such as humid wood, dung, crop residues, charcoal, and kerosene for both light and for cooking with crude stoves or open fires. The health implications of poor indoor air quality lead to respiratory diseases, and the practice as a whole promotes local environmental degradation, from deforestation to the destruction of natural water filtration systems.

In response to this practice, REEF has partnered with local officials and community leaders to identify what it would take to slow environmental degradation and improve the overall health in the community. By offsetting 40% to 60% of a family’s cooking and lighting expenses with renewable energy and sustainable practices, a family can divert funds to healthcare and education. By improving socio-economic conditions of the poorest, we believe we can promote good health, environmental, and educational practices for the community at large.

You can help by sponsoring a family. Alternatively, if you'd like to lend a hand contact us here.