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2012 Goal Is To Equip 3 families With Solar Power

As with any organization donations from individuals play a significant role as a percent of total funds a non-profit receives, and REEF is no exception. Our Family First program is committed to help families out of poverty by installing reliable, sustainable electricity from solar power. A solar kit consists of 300 watts of solar power with an inverter, two 50 watt LED light bulbs, and an efficient wood burning stove, two portable solar powered lanterns and two deep cycle batteries for evening use. These families are too poor to afford grid electricity so every qualified candidate in the Family First program is off-grid.

The burning of wood and kerosine is a common practice and has an added cost of indoor air health hazard which increase incidences of respiratory diseases. Our program benefits families with offsets of 40% to 60% of a family's cooking and lighting expenses, the savings can be used for healthcare and education, benefits are:
    (a). Lighting affords children added hours to study thus improves completing primary education by 80% and secondary 60% with the 300 watts of PV modules and batteries. Also its learned from UN studies electrified villages have shown to have a lower birth rate.
    (b). Reduce indoor air pollution by 80% compared to the common practice of 3 stone open fit fireplace Our clean wood burning stove reduces incidences of respiratory diseases in women and children and because higher burning efficiencies uses less wood to cook and less time.

Please support our Family First program with a donation today. Funds raised from here go directly to the families REEF has identified in 2012.

Your donation is tax-deductible under the US Treasury Dept, IRS code 501(c)3. The IRS allows tax-deduction for in-kind donations.

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