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Family First Program

Our Family First program is committed to help families out of poverty by providing reliable and affordable electricity from solar power and with sustainable and environmentally sound practices. Our solar powered lanterns offers children the opportunity to complete their education, afford parents to add income when night time light is available, and remove the health risks and fire hazards kerosene lamps contribute. 

Typically families cook in open pit fires. The perils of open pit fires are well documented by international NGO's. The health hazard from cooking on open pit fires is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. These open pit fires are inefficient, wasteful and contributes to the rapid rate of deforestation developing countries are experiencing . Our efficient wood burning cook stove use 50% less wood and cooks meals in half the time of ordinary open pit fire and our stoves also emit 80% less smoke, reducing the incidences of respiratory diseases. 

Since families living in extreme poverty use a higher proportion of their income to buy wood, kerosene or charcoal for cooking fuel and lighting this leaves little for the essentials. The burning of wood and kerosine is a common practice and has an added cost of indoor air health hazard which increase incidences of respiratory diseases. The lanterns and stoves are free to families who are identified as living below the country's poverty level. 

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