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In-Kind Donations

REEF accepts in-kind donations that are in good operating condition. We have an urgent need for the following items and if you are in a position to give contact REEF and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

  • 4 or 6 cylinder pick-up truck - For construction purposes, transporting materials and tools.
  • 20’ flat bed double-axle trailer – For the construction of a portable renewable energy power station to take to job sites. 4-5 solar panels with inverters and batteries will power tools, batteries and double as an educational demonstration for colleges and high schools.
  • Commercial printer/scanner/copier – REEF’s publishing needs are increasing
  • 22 foot US Coast Guard approved overseas shipping container – REEF transports a ton of RET equipment, specialty tools, and miscellaneous items each year. Owning a container saves us enormously and doubles as a secured tool shed on job sites.
  • Digital SLR camera/digital HD video camera – As project completion accelerates REEF intends to record accomplishments to highlight to corporations for donations, post on website to solicit donations from individual donors and public announcements.
  • 10’ x 12’ or larger screen tents- For job sites’ control center, first aid tent, and provide general shade.
  • Project management / construction management software - Lays out the logistic planning of resource / material procurement, overseas shipping, and general timely completion of a project.
  • Walkie/talkies and open cell phones- Cell phones that use open structure SIM cards. We use host countries SIM cards to avoid roaming charges. Walkie/talkie to communicate with construction crew.
  • LCD Projectors – Needed for public speaking engagements, community outreach programs and staff and volunteer training.
  • Acrobat Reader and Writer – To create online fill-in pages, create professional quality brouchures.
  • PhotoShop, Dreamweaver – Tools to build and update dynamic website.
  • Chain saws, cordless reciprocating saws, cordless drills, pipe benders..