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Help a Family out of Poverty

REEF seeks donations from corporations with a philanthropic mission or companies who would like to connect to their customer base as a community citizen combating global poverty with renewable energy technologies. It is universally understood by international organizations that families too poor to have electricity have the largest hurdles to break out of poverty. REEF, with help from corporations, wants to improve childrens' chances to complete secondary school, live past 16 years and continue on to college. There are two ways to get involved:

Sponsor a family for $5,000. The complete solar installation offers a future of unprecedented hope and possibilities. No longer will a family need to spend a day collecting wood for heat and cooking. No longer will their children need to work, but instead can attend school. A $5,000 donation has never done so much for so many for so many generations. Fill out the form below and a representative from REEF will get in touch.

Matching Funds
REEF invites corporations to set up a program where employees' donations are matched up to

,500 to help start a family out of poverty. Inquire with your company to see if they would like to participate and fill out the form below to learn how REEF may assist you to get your employer involved.

Solar Manufacturers
REEF is requesting solar manufacturers for in-kind donations of solar modules, inverters, racks, tools and other BOS materials. Fill out the form below and a representative from REEF will get in touch.
2011 Goal Is To Equip 3 families With Solar Power!